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The Dealcity’s Empowerment by Merit is an entrepreneurial project designed for people of age 16 and above, organized by DealCity Limited, Who You Help Social Foundation and Power of Knowledge Reality Show Ireland.

Our goal is to encourage youths and unemployed parents in Nigeria to become creative entrepreneurs, to start thinking of becoming CEOs of multinational companies, in order to create more jobs locally.

Empowerment by Merit is a skill acquisition and development project designed to prepare individuals for a business world of manufacturing and exportation of made in Nigeria products.

We identified the importance of skills acquisition as a strategy for job creation that may lead to employment of our youths and possible exportation of finished products.

We therefore designed a project to run as a hub for transfer and development of skills in the fashion products industry, starting with footwear production in the first phase and expanding to other fashion products like making of fashion bags, Making of Garment and bead and stone jewelry making.

Research shows that the government make effort regularly, to get a lot of people back into employment or self-employment by creating all sort of enterprise funding via the Bank of Industry and other financial institutions but the fear of failing is in the mind of a lot of people so they are reluctant to step forward to ask for those available funds, because they are not certain about the ability to pay back. We are optimistic that this project can remove such fear as it is structured to test the quality of products and sale possibility of the products within 3 – 6 months of post-training exercise before a trained person would apply for such government funding, to set up their own factory as a team of 5-10 people or more as always required by the funding bodies.

Our resource persons have over 10 years of experience in the leather products manufacturing and are ready to transfer their skills to our participants in a 3 day interactive training workshop.

They may then get a 3 – 6 months schedule of about 3 times per week to come and develop their new skill in a hands on production process, to make school shoes, bags and belts that will pass through a quality assurance screening and product will be sold to the public and private schools, this means that participant will start to earn income from the products they make even while on the skill development exercise.


Or Pay to: Zenith Bank,
Account Name: Dealcity Limited
Account Number 1013922365
Then send your Teller number or transaction ID to registration@emb.ng
or by SMS to  090 2000 5000 or whatsapp to +353899481841



JOB Creation

We are determined to be in the business of creating new strategies that will lead to job creation to save the unemployment situation in Nigeria.

There is an empowerment opportunity to get engaged or get a startup cash by merit, it doesn’t matter who your parents are….

CAT Platform

Computer Aided Teaching

Education is the foundation of the future, teaching the future from today requires computer teaching technology, let us build the future of Nigeria on a modern technology for guaranteed sustainability.

Let us train you and give you a free computer to teach our future Learn more

AM Platform

Artisan Managers

Our Artisan industry lacks perfection and good finishing for lack of knowledge of the importance of scale and accurate measurement.

If you are a graduate of any engineering field, let us train you and engage you to manage a cluster of artisans as an Artisan Manager(AM)


Scholarship By Merit

Millions of Nigeria students cannot have a good state of mind in class for panic of where the next school fees or study materials will come from because of the economic situation.

Smile as you now have a great opportunity of passing the monthly scholarship screening test to receive a cash Scholarship money of up to N50,000 to take care of your academic need sponsored by Whoyouhelp social foundation Learn more


Mortgage By Merit

Meeting up with housing deficit of over 11 million is not an easy gap  for the government to close up except we all hold the bull by it’s horn. Learn more

CAL Platform

Computer Aided Learning

When learning becomes fun, the industry gets busier and more job would be created.

Let us help you get a learning computer at ease, from as little as N100 weekly  or absolutely free by merit Learn more

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